Printing Press

In the last 24 years, we have printed over 27 million tracts in 23 languages through commercial outfits at an exorbitant cost to AVTHS, and the cost of printing is ever increasing as the demand keeps soaring. We are to print more and hence we need a printing press urgently.

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The gospel tracts published by the Africa Vision Tract House Society (AVTHS), have served as a great tool in evangelism. The act of sharing of gospel tracts by individuals, groups and missionaries has led to numerous souls won to Christ. We have heard reports of persons reading these gospel tracts receiving great testimonies. Others received further enlightenment of God’s word through the gospel in prints. Within the 24 years of our operations, we have produced over 27 million tracts in 23 languages that have been distributed FREE across Africa. Our channels for distribution have been through our regional offices and volunteer outlets within the African region. Despite the volume of tracts distribution, we still receive requests for tracts both within and outside Africa daily.

These constant demands for tracts brought about the idea of owning our Printing Press.  The promoter of the AVTHS, the Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship (NCGF), has mandated the establishment of a Printing Press to meet these needs.  Consequently, this led to the registration and setting-up of the “GREAT AFRICA VISION PRESS LIMITED (GAVPL)”. The Board of Directors (BOD) of the GAVPL has approved the sourcing of suitable Printing Press machines. This approval gave rise to the appointment of Printing Press Consultants to guide the new company on the most appropriate and suitable printing machines.


The Printing Press is not just for the printing of Gospel Tracts alone but also quality Books, Journals, Magazine, Newspapers, and many other useful publications, both to Evangelise for the Kingdom and the enhancement of the operations of the Nigerian Christian Graduate Fellowship in particular and the Body of Christ in general.

The methodology of choice of these machines was to carry out a market survey. This market survey included visiting several Printing Press houses, machine vendors and technical research on these machines.