Passion for Souls


Dickson is a very dedicated child of God. In both his Church denomination and the inter-denominational Fellowship he belongs to, Dickson has proved a reliable, available, and delightful brother, who is committed to all activities such as prayer meetings, evangelism, crusades, cathedral building project, and so on.

Suddenly, his father died having recently developed acute hypertension which, doctors explained, was responsible for the heart failure that resulted in death. He was two months away from his 65th birthday and was an Ozo title holder in his community.

“What pains me most” lamented Brother Dickson, “is that my father sponsored me straight to my Master’s degree and I have just started my first well-paid job in Stanbic Plc. I felt it is time to show my appreciation to my father from my good salary and I was just working towards such appreciations. Now he is dead, without eating from me. This is wickedness.”

Dickson is not alone. Most of us love alike and do the same towards our loved ones. We are given to expend our kindness on them even to our last dime. Yet we rarely care for their SOULS.

Dickson cared very much for his father. He would love to buy good food, clothing and build a better house for his father as a reward for the father’s love and care, which things are actually good for our parents in reality. But Dickson would not mind that the salvation he himself had received should reach his father. His father died a secret cult member and Dickson knew of it. Yet his greatest regret was the food, clothing, and better house he couldn’t build for the old man. Where did his father go to spend Eternity? Brother Dickson lacked passion ( intense love) for his father’s soul.

Days were when believers loved the souls of their relations, neighbours, friends, and fellow humans. They spent and were spent travailing in prayers; going out to preach even at great risks, and showing costly love, all to see that souls are not lost to hell. And many souls were converted and saved as a result.

Today, there is a lot of callousness in our hearts. We have lost feelings. Truly we have lost the joy of expectancy of heaven. That joy of our salvation constituted our strength to press on towards the mark for the prize of our high calling. That joy was infectious. It radiated peace in our faces and we sang like birds even in the face of persecutions.

On the other hand, we trembled at the mention of hell. We hated hell and would do all to avoid hell, working tirelessly to snatch men out of the jaws of hell. We understood with Apostle Paul who declared,”….knowing, therefore, the terror of the LORD, we persuade men” 2Corinthians 5:11.

What question comes first to our minds when a close relation, friend, colleague or neighbour transits into eternity?

If our first concerns are the age at death. Or, that “she did not live long to eat the fruit of her labours,” which often is our lamentation, then we need to go back to God and ask for personal REVIVAL.

Very many persons are dying every day via accidents; terrorisms in Nigeria, the Arab world, and elsewhere; shootings in America and Europe; kidnap and robbery attacks; cancer and other diseases; and so on. Where are their souls ending up – heaven or hell? Whatever comfort they lost on earth is inconsequential when eternity comes calling. Our Lord Jesus died on the Cross for man’s Eternal Salvation first and most importantly, before other benefits.

At the church level, our depreciating values for the souls of men are very noticeable. Priorities and emphasis are rarely given to the true conversion, repentance, and salvation of men. In fact, a great percentage of seemingly evangelical activities in our churches today, whether Crusades indoors or outdoors, etc are often aimed at increasing numerical church membership. We labour, expend more funds on such membership drives. What happens after such influx betrays our motives. They are often kept as milk cows and entertainers (especially if they are youths) instead of disciplining them to put on the nature and image of Christ who are heavenly-minded.  But the Lord is looking for heaven-bound souls. On earth, they are called disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Great Commission statements of Mathew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18 demanded going, preaching, baptizing, and teaching. Our love for the souls of our fellows would compel us to GO (pray, give, send, participate) in all efforts to save and make men Christlike on earth, and heaven’s citizens in eternity.

It is also important we remember, from the scriptures, that our passion for souls is complete if we win souls in our immediate locality, our country, our continent, and the uttermost parts of the earth. Any prayers, preaching, giving, and going ability we received of the Holy Spirit is fully utilized if, and only if, such Holy Spirit enabled efforts are extended to the persons in the whole world. Acts 1:8. Says, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in Judaea, and Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

Wherever we hear something has happened to any human in any part of the globe, we should be concerned about his soul. He is a member of our Constituency. Every other event listed in Matthew chapter 24 that will herald the Rapture of the saints has been observed to be fulfilled. The only outstanding remains 14And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

Winning men for Christ from among the unreached people groups scattered across the earth today, as well as maturing men for eternity with Him should constitute the most important activities of all children of God individually and in groups, Churches and Fellowships of this age. Most of our spiritual, physical, intellectual and economic resources should be channeled to these efforts.

For now, our passion in Africa Vision Tracts House Society, AVTHS goes out to our brothers and sisters in South Sudan. Join us to GO and partner with our God to comfort, heal, save and disciple many in that hell-attacked country. It is SOUTH SUDAN MISSION, NOVEMBER 2019.

In summary, as you love your relations – father, mother, siblings, anyone else, think about where their souls will spend eternity. Do something about it. Always, let us have Jesus passion for men’s souls. He died for our souls. Do not be a brother Dickson.